Skin care routine in 2020

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

In year #2020 everyone seem to go back to nature, with #covid-19 on our door steps, everyone s learning about #natural, #organic ways of living.

This includes #skin care routine, I have noticed for past 2 3 years young girls are going #crazy over natural / home made products.

When I was in my teens i used to buy #beauty #magazines , skip through all the pages and quickly read through the skin care tips.

i love using home made masks, over the years I have had acne prone skin. i have used every mask on the earth, and now when i am in my 40s, my skin is a lot better then the clients have seen in their 30s.

Over past 20 years of my #makeup artistry career, I have seen numerous customers with different #skin condition, from #eczema to sever acne and ever #premature skin aging.

I have always given them one advice, we are what we eat.

It depends what your condition is and how much you are tired of going to the #dermatologists, and used all the beauty #products on the market.

Now you have come to the decision to make a change #YOURSELF.

Acne is mostly hormonal, stress related. But we can change our food habits to help our immune system.

I rem in 1997 I stopped eating chicken and meat products. I never used to eat egg as I was allergic to it, so that was out of the food list already.

in 3 years, my #skin was #flawless.

After 2000 i came across the research about the steroid injection they give to the chicken, and cow, which can cause hormonal issue in us.

Well now in my 40s , i make sure i apply at least one mask every week.

I use

#gram flour


#rose water mask

#Egg white mask , love it when it comes to making the skin tight.

#multani mitti (#fullers earth) mask mix with rose water

#activated coal #mask

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