How to apply perfect winged eyeliner

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Over the years I have practiced the eyeliner so many different ways, I have used so many different types of eyeliner from Kryolan cake eyeliner with water proof sealer to Mac pro eyeliner.

To be honest I personally liked Kryolan cake eyeliner. It is water base, but can be used with kryolan cake eyeliner sealer to make it water proof.

it glides on the eye so smoothly , regardless of how old if the customer. you can build it up and dark as you want.


TIP # 1

#makeup eyeliner brush has to be thin , good quality .

I never liked pen , felt tip eyeliners. As a #makeupprofessional we always use #eyeliner brush

TIP #2

Make sure there is enough product on the eyeliner brush. why this a #topbeautytip because when there s not enough product we tend to drag the brush, not knowing that there s not enough #product on the brush, in result we have missing spots on the lash line,

TIP #3