Javeys henna supplies

Say Good bye to clogged  and gritty ,full of chemicals cones

We offer 100% natural henna with amazing colour.

*Raj henna powder fresh crop 2019

*5 times sifted super fine Henna powder

colour contents 3.3%

*Fresh from sujat Rajhsthan India

*Just mix fresh Henna powder, lemon juice and high quality 100% pure essential oil

*Competitive price

*Guaranteed dark colour*Smooth and silky

*100% Natural, No chemical or PPD


Special prices for*Salon owners*Henna Artists

Fresh Henna cones 

Organic /fresh henna cones

17-18 Grams/ 6 to 7 inches

Available to pick up From Luton.

Can be Posted with in UK with extra cost 

Price ........£2 each 3 for £5 

More than 20 cones £1.50 each 

More than 50 cones £1.25 each 

Henna Acrylic practice hand Transparent/ clear 

Acrylic practice hand 


2 for £20

Fresh Mini Henna cones 


10gram each 

How to order 

Pick up available from LUTON

Please whatsapp me  your Name , address, order details, post or pick up

p&p depends on the weight

Payment via paypal or bank transfer 

Details will be sent via whatsapp

Fresh Jagua cones 

100% Natural black henna with no PPD

10gram cones 

£8 each

2 for £15

5 for £30

Fresh Henna powder 

5 times sifted  Organic/ crop 2019/ colour contents 3.4%

Fresh crop 2018 October 

100 gram pack..........£6

200 Gram .......£12

500 Gram .......£30

1KG .................£55

Henna Dry Glitter 

£2 each 3 for £5

Henna citrus Sealant / Henna aftercare balm

Henna sealant 

Lemon, sugar mixture 

Henna aftercare balm 

shea butter balm with lavender fragrance

£2 each 

Henna Aftercare Kit 

30ml Lemon and sugar sealant with lavender fragrance 

Henna aftercare balm 

Breathable tape 




Henna starter Kit


3 / 20 gram henna cones

Henna aftercare balm

Henna citrus seal 

5 colour glitters  

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