About Javeys 

Javeria Started her career in 1999. Qualified makeup artist all the way from Pakistan. Carrying on her passion in Asian/ Arabic makeup and hair styling. She further qualified as an ITEC beauty therapist in UK. Creating endless makeup looks including Arabic, Cut crease, Smokey eyes, vintage hair styles, her journey is unstoppable. 

2010 she was qualified as a level 3 teacher to spread the extensive knowledge in Beauty industry including Travellers Makeup Asian bridal makeup , Pakistani bridal makeup , Indian Bridal Makeup, Indian, Traditional Pakistani Henna, Bridal Hair styling, Waxing and Threading. 

Our Makeup Academy is based in Luton, where students from all over UK has gained  ABT associate diploma

Javeys own Brand Henna cones are supplied All over UK. 

Launching Javeys Mink eyelashes in 2018 The Academy has stepped up another level.

launching Javeys own brand Makeup brushes in 2021

We are proud to offer intensive Beauty Training Courses covering all the essential techniques starting from foundation level to more advance level. These comprehensive courses are fully accredited by ABT and provides excellent base for those makeup artists who want to expand their knowledge and skills in colorful Asian  makeup industry in a short period of time, or just want to learn for fun.

*Level 3 qualified teacher 

* ITECH Beauty Therapist  and VTCT qualified media make up artist with more than 20 years  of experience

Terms and conditions 

*A none refundable non redeemable DEPOSIT  is payable at the time of booking , which is deduct able from actual amount discussed.

*Please understand that party hair and makeup services are different from bridal Makeup

BRIDAL RATES WILL BE APPLIED for Bridal Make up and Hair styles  

*In order to save your time on the actual day, We recommend  to have pictures ideas in hand on the booking, Trials" for party hair and make up can be booked  ,in order to save deciding time on the actual day.

In case  travel difficulties, please provide us with pictures or call us to discuss your requirements at the time of booking. 

Group booking Terms and conditions 

For group bookings we will allocate fair time for each client so that clients get ready on time. If one client is not present  we will move on to next one without wasting time.

*Its highly recommended that hair should be washed, dried and untangled, before the actual appointment.

*Skin has to be make up free and moisturized. 

*Group bookings take a lot of time management, we will not take any more clients more than we have discussed at the booking,

*There will be a cut off point .

*When one client`s Make over is complete, they will need to take care of their make up e.g eating, sleeping after they have their hair or make up done.

Any touch up will be done after we have finished with all the clients. its not fair for the clients who are yet to get ready .

*We will not negotiate on prices on the date of booking  

*Prior booking client need to decide the look they want . Trial is highly recommended , just in case they can not have trial, they will need to send us pictures of the look they want. We can not carry everything with us all the time.

*Respect is the key to get good service our of any service provider .WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY ABUSE OR BAD LANGUAGE TOWARDS OUR ASSISTANT MAKE UP ARTISTS.They reserve the right to walk off without completing the services in that case .

We will only offer services which we are booked for , any additional services will be on discretion of make up artist and availability of time. 


In case of cancellations from the customer you will loose the deposit paid.
*In case we cancel the appointment from our side which is very rare full deposit amount will be refunded and another artist may be arranged.


Please make sure session starts on the time discussed . If for any reason you are getting late, please let us know as soon as possible 

Bare in mind one client being late will affect on  next appointments